Betstorm Review

Navigating the dynamic world of gaming to find the perfect online bookmaker can often seem overwhelming. Amidst a sea of options, Betstorm has established itself as a standout choice, offering a stimulating, safe, and rewarding environment for all bettors. This detailed Betstorm review takes a deep dive into the platform’s unique features, including its rewards programme, exciting promotions, live betting feature, and much more. Join us as we unravel what sets Betstorm apart in the bustling arena of online betting.

OperatorProgressPlay Limited
Launch year2021
Licensing authoritiesUnited Kingdom Gambling Commission (account number 39335), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/231/2012)
Currencies acceptedGBP, EUR, USD, CAD, NZD, JPY, INR
Minimum deposit£10
Minimum withdrawal£2,50
Available betting marketsFootball, Tennis, Basketball, Horse Racing, eSports and more

Live Betting

Betstorm’s live betting section goes beyond merely placing wagers on live events; it’s about diving headfirst into the excitement of the game and feeling the pulsating rush of adrenaline first-hand.

A standout feature of Betstorm’s live betting offering is the simulated football field depiction. As a punter, this cutting-edge graphical display allows you to witness the flow of the match unfold in real time directly on the site. It’s akin to having a panoramic aerial view of the game, assisting you in making informed decisions. This degree of interactive wagering elevates the stakes, rendering the live betting experience at Betstorm genuinely exhilarating.

This innovative feature transports you to the heart of the action, enabling you to observe every action of the game, thereby boosting your capacity to foresee the match’s trajectory. It’s no longer just about predicting the final result; it’s about engaging with the game at a detailed level, scrutinising every pass, every manoeuvre, every goal.

Betting Types

At Betstorm, the array of betting types is a major draw, designed to meet the needs of all punters, from beginners to seasoned experts. Betstorm recognises that the excitement of betting isn’t just about the game’s thrill but also about the liberty to decide your approach. Here’s a table highlighting the different betting types available at Betstorm:

Betting StyleDescription
Single BetWager on the result of a solitary event
Accumulator BetMerge multiple picks into one bet. To succeed, all picks must win
System BetAn array of combination bets
Each-Way BetA wager split into two parts: a ‘win’ bet and a ‘place’ bet

A Single Bet is the simplest form of bet, permitting you to wager on the result of a solitary event.

For punters aiming to amplify potential winnings, Accumulator Bets merge multiple picks into one bet. It’s crucial to note, however, that for the bet to succeed, all picks must win.

A System Bet is a more sophisticated type, encompassing an array of combination bets. It’s an ideal choice for experienced punters seeking an exciting challenge.

Lastly, Each-Way Bets are split into two parts: a ‘win’ bet and a ‘place’ bet. It’s a favoured choice in horse racing and similar sports.

In summary, Betstorm presents a broad spectrum of betting types, ensuring it caters to all punters, regardless of their experience level.

Betstorm Deposit Options

To guarantee a smooth experience, Betstorm presents a myriad of deposit options tailored to suit diverse requirements and preferences. Ranging from conventional bank transfers to contemporary e-wallets, Betstorm leaves no stone unturned. The following table provides an overview of the various deposit options along with their processing times:

Deposit MethodProcessing Time
Apple PayInstant

Withdrawal Options

Ensuring smooth withdrawals is of paramount importance at Betstorm. A range of withdrawal options is on offer to accommodate the diverse preferences of its players. Here’s a table detailing the various withdrawal options and how long they take:

Withdrawal MethodWithdrawal Time
Visa3-7 business days
MasterCard3-7 business days
PayPal3-7 business days
Neteller1 business day
Skrill1 business day
Payz1 business day

Betstorm Promotions

The promotion offerings at Betstorm serve as delightful toppings on the gaming feast, enriching the overall experience for all its players. These enticing promotional offerings span from a lavish first deposit bonus, and invigorating free bet Mondays, to a comforting cashback on tennis bets. Let’s look into these promotions:

First deposit bonusGet a free bet of £10 when you make your first £10 bet.
Free Bet MondaysBet £50 on Monday using the code FBM and get a £20 free bet.
Tennis Bets CashbackEnjoy cashback of up to £500 on tennis bets with the code ALLEY.

The first deposit bonus is an exciting welcome for newcomers, laying the foundation for a riveting journey with Betstorm. Place a bet of £10, and in return, you will be credited with an extra £10 free bet. This bonus is a fantastic way to start betting at Betstorm.

Monday Free Bets add a unique charm to Betstorm’s promotional lineup. Just stake a £50 bet on any Monday using the promo code FBM, and you’ll be rewarded with a £20 free bet. This offer not only dispels the typical Monday melancholy but also infuses a healthy dose of enthusiasm at the week’s outset.

Lastly, tennis enthusiasts can revel in Betstorm’s exclusive cashback offer on tennis wagers. Receive up to £500 as cashback on your tennis bets by using the code ALLEY, enabling you to place your wagers with added assurance, knowing there’s a fallback plan.

Rewards Programme

When you become a part of Bet Storm, you’re welcomed into an exclusive Rewards Programme. This scheme is a token of Betstorm’s commitment to its players, which introduces an abundance of advantageous perks.

You get points by completing various missions, such as trying out a new game or claiming a bonus. New missions appear on the site regularly. 

Your accumulated points then become a currency of their own, redeemable in Betstorm’s reward store. This enticing market is brimming with unique bonuses, complimentary spins, attractive cashback deals, and even exclusive Betstorm merchandise. 

The programme is further characterised by its tiered structure, resembling a staircase where each step up signifies elevated rewards. As you engage more, you ascend these steps, unlocking an array of better bonuses and privileges. Each level adds more value and optimises your gaming conditions, effectively enriching your Betstorm journey and prolonging your entertainment time.


Through its diverse betting options, smooth transaction process, enticing promotions, and a generous rewards programme, Betstorm has undeniably shown its excellence in the realm of online betting. The platform embodies a secure, easy-to-use, and highly engaging environment that is designed to cater to all, from novices to seasoned bettors. If you are looking to enrich your online betting journey, Betstorm is a betting platform that warrants serious consideration.