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FreeBetUp is an independent company that helps players find free money to bet at licensed casinos in the UK. We’ll keep track of what free money you’ve used and what is still out there. That way you don’t have to do the research yourself and waste hours of your time. We’ve got your back and want you to simply be able to place bets and have fun.

That’s how we think online gambling should be played. We also have exclusive FreeBetUp deals where you can get free money through our site that you can’t get anywhere else. We are here to help you.

Meet the team

Rhys Domaine
Experience: 9 years
Rhys is an attorney who specializes in the online world. He's spent his life looking at the ins and outs of the terms and conditions of websites. He even wrote some of those terms for the biggest online companies. He helps us by analyzing what a bookmaker is really offering. He's great at finding holes in the fine print that will be disadvantageous to the player. Nothing gets by him because he's been the one creating the loopholes in the past. He makes a great member of our team because he's so diligent. Nothing gets by him because he knows what to look for.
Shane Callahan
Experience: 10 years
Shane spent the past 10 years gambling online. That makes him one of the most experienced players out there. He's seen online casinos doing really dodgy things, and he's also experienced some of the best deals ever offered by online casinos. He's learned to read the fine print and find out exactly what is being offered and what isn't. That gives him an advantage over the average punter. He looks deep into what casinos are really offering and can find out fast if a deal is too good to be true or not. We are happy to have Shane on board our team.
Lucy Blainsdale
Customer Service
Experience: 6 years
Lucy worked for six years in customer service for top website. She's worked at good companies and at companies that were trying to take advantage of consumers. She's dealt with the questions customers have had when they thought they had a good deal but were really roped into a rip off. This taught her what customers really want. It allows her to look at what companies are offering and measure that against consumer expectations. When she sees a deal that she knows isn't going to work out for the average consumer she's quick to point it out. She's one of the best members of our team at finding the little things that make a deal go sour.
Taylor Johnson
QA specialist
Experience: 8 years
Taylor spent eight years working quality assurance for various websites. He's quite familiar with their various terms and conditions. He knows what are put in there to protect the consumer and what's there simply to make sure the company is covered. He's very detail oriented and can spot a sign of trouble from a mile away. Taylor understands what conditions companies need in their terms to survive. He also knows what ones are just there to take advantage of the consumer. He's our go-to guy when we aren't sure if a deal is good or is hiding something.

We know that the world of online gambling can be very complex. It can take a lot of time to figure out. That’s why we launched our site – to make betting in online casinos much easier for the average person.

Here at FreeBetUp, we are all about helping consumers make better gambling decisions. We are a team of experts in the gambling field. We’ve seen all kinds of offers and all kinds of sites. We’ve looked at scams. We’ve looked at the big names that are out in front of the trends. And we’ve seen the sites that are in the middle. We have a deep understanding of how online casinos operate, what they do well, and where they fail the average customer.

Our team has spent weeks researching the sites we report on. Our reviews are unbiased and honest. We will never compromise for anyone. We are just as harsh on the big casinos as we are on the smaller ones. We judge online casinos based on what they really offer their clients, not just what they advertise. Then we report our results back to you.

One thing we are particular about are the offers casinos make to customers. We take a close look at welcome bonuses and no deposit offers to make sure they are fair to consumers. We’ll tell you what offers are great and should be taken up on right away.

Some casinos do have really good offers that benefit the consumer. These casinos are playing the long game and will be there for you for years to come. We are your unbiased independent source of real casino information.

It would take up too much of the average consumer’s valuable time to find out the information we provide. There are simply too many terms policies to wade through for the average bettor to master. We have the experience and expertise, and we are happy to help.

One of the main elements we evaluate is the amount of free money or betting vouchers you receive from a given casino. This money costs you nothing and can be used to place bets. But some casinos put so many restrictions on it that it’s really not free at all. Then there are casinos that let you simply bet with the house money and collect your cash when you win. Most casinos are in the middle of this bubble; they’ll let you bet with free money but only let you withdraw up to a given limit. That’s OK as long as you understand what you are getting into.

It can be hard in this day and age to find the time to really research before you make your first bet. At FreeBetUp, we understand that. When we first started gambling online we certainly got taken advantage of more than once. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else. That’s why we’ve created this resource – to help average gamblers really understand what they are getting into so they don’t get taken advantage of.

That’s why we constantly research online casinos. And not just once – we go back on a regular basis to see whether they’ve changed for the better or gotten worse. Because the truth is, you can have a great offer one month and then the next month, slightly change it into an awful offer.

We don’t want people to get sandbagged like that. We want to advocate for them so they always find the best deals possible.

This takes a lot of work on our part – but we are happy to do it if it means we help just one person avoid a bad casino experience. That’s what makes our site valuable. It is the one unbiased, reliable source of information about what’s really going on at casinos. And that’s why we have such a high standard when it comes to getting free money from casinos.

A good casino will give you money, let you bet it and then let you collect on your bet if you win. We don’t think that’s too much to ask for. So check out FreeBetUp. We have the casinos covered and we have your back. We’ll let you know where to place your bets to make money.




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